about me

I am a person driven by passion, living an unorthodox lifestyle.ReiniEndeDez20132_sw

Being deeply interested in physics and philosophy as a school boy I set out to explore the unknown by studying Theoretical Physics. I finished my studies with excellent grades, but full of doubt. During my studies I had started writing novels. Sport was not a part of my life.

In a time of self reflection I got into sport climbing and tried the very young sport of slacklining which had a great impact on my life. I got more and more obsessed with it and made it to a world class level in the young scene. I was interested in all disciplines of the sport: longlining, tricklining and highlining.

During this time I started to work as a freelance journalist for science topics and kept working on novels. I published some short stories, a textbook about slacklining and managed to sell my first novel. (Learn more about that on my writing-page or on my German writer’s website.)

As an athlete I kept pushing my limits and competed in international contests (Natural Games Millau – 2nd, Austrian Slackline Open – 2nd and 3rd). I got sponsorship by adidas outdoor (till 2016), AustriAlpinElephant Slacklines and Gleistein. Lately I got more and more into highlining which is the most complete experience the world of slackline has to offer. I write about my slackline activities in detail on my blog.



I believe that control and security are ultimately illusions, in everyday life as well as in sport. That belief is powered by experience but also supported by the current state of knowledge in philosophy of science. Trying to control a system becomes an act of violence if taken to the extreme and hinders performance at a certain point. It is necessary to accept possible failure to move on and have a healthy relationshop with sport. Young trend sports like slacklining show this most clearly.



  • Age: 35
  • Home: Graz, Austria
  • Education: diploma (Physics)


(pic by Margit Steidl)