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The young sport of slacklining is similar to tightrope walking and has become very popular in the past years. Being active since 2006 I am considered one of the pioneers in the field. I have been one of the first to walk slacklines longer than 100m and do backflips on the line. In the following years I competed successfully in competitions such as the Natural Games in Millau or the Austrian Slackline Open and pushed my personal bests up to 305m longline (OS) and 115m highline. I wrote a standard textbook about slacklining.

Right now I focus mainly on higlining, slacklining over canyons, mostly done in alpine environment. I have done highlines all over the globe and some of them attracted great international attention, such as the highlines at Victoriafalls, Tre Cime di Lavaredo or Frankfurt.

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My speciality are highlines around the 100m length barrier that are not tensioned, sometimes in alpine environment. I have a background in sport climbing with redpoints up to 8a and 7c bouldering.

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